Entrepreneurship for Kids (10 audios)


  • Include 10 topics in audio files

The main content of 10 audios: 

  • Business Ideas for Kids
  • Entrepreneurial Kids vs Kid Entrepreneurs
  • Errand Assisting
  • How can a 12-Year-Old Make Money?
  • How to Encourage Your Budding Entrepreneur
  • Outdoor Cleaning Services Your Child Can Do
  • Steps to Teach your Kids Entrepreneurship
  • Teens Going Green: Growing Their Own Produce for Sale
  • Tips on How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids
  • Tutoring: An Outstanding Way for Youth to Earn Money

“The next generation of entrepreneurs begins at home, and this series can help any parent introduce their kids to the mindset and fearlessness of entrepreneurship.” – Jason Feifer (Editor in Chief)

  • Kid entrepreneurship is extremely a topic of great interest from parents and children. In addition to articles on the above topics for parents, we also have audio tracks. Parents and children can listen to it and stay as engaged as they would be with any great children’s activities. 🙂 Affiliate ideas included.
  • Best of all, because it’s a PLR product, you can brand it as your own and use it on your site without worrying about copyright infringement.So if you’re looking for an easy way to add fresh, original content to your blog, this PLR blog post is a great option.


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